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Updated Autumn 1 2018/2019

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Welcome back to King Ed's for the start of the 2018/19 school year and the start of your final year at KEPS!  Hopefully, everyone's had a lovely summer break and is coming back ready to work hard and make lots of special memories.  Please read on for useful curriculum information as well as details about additional adult and key dates over the next half-term.


Key information:

Important Dates Coming Up

Tuesday 4th September 2018 - INSET day

Wednesday 5th September 2018 - First day back at school for the children

Monday 17th September - Visiting theatre company's performance of 'The Railway Children'


Adults in the classroom

We are very lucky to have Mrs O'Keefe, Mrs Huffton and Mrs Newton as our teaching assistants this year.


On Friday afternoons, I have my PPA planning time with Miss Parsons.

During this time, Mrs Newton will teach RE and the children will have TGI.


Curriculum Information:

Topic overview for this half-term

This half-term, our Topic sessions will all be based around the topic of 'The Railway Children' and will be introduced by the annual performance of a visiting theatre company!


Our Topic sessions this year will, as usual, be linked heavily to our daily English sessions, so, with this in mind, we will be using 'The Railway Children' as the stimulus for a unit focusing on both the Edwardian period and the history of inventors and inventions.  Within this topic, we will be conducting an artist study of Leonardo da Vinci, with a particular focus on his flying machine (also known as the "ornithopter").  This will enable us to develop our scientific understanding by carrying out investigations into the properties which result in the most effective ‘flying machines’, reflecting upon the effects of various factors.


English overview for this half-term

This half-term, we will be using our whole school topic of ‘The Railway Children' by Edith Nesbit as the stimulus for our English work.


We will begin by making predictions about the text based on the cover and blurb and completing some comprehension and vocabulary-based tasks, before moving on to revisiting our understanding of effective descriptive techniques by writing a descriptive recount of a particular action-packed scene from the book.  Key skills focused on throughout this work on descriptive writing will include: similes, metaphors and personification, expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases, abstract nouns, relative clauses, mirrored see-saws and punctuation including hyphenated words, commas in lists and parenthesis (brackets, commas and dashes).


Following on from this emphasis on descriptive writing, we will be embarking on an ambitious project involving creating an integrated dialogue.  In order to do this effectively, we will be developing our understanding of the difference between direct and reported speech, and will be using contraction apostrophes to influence level of formality and accent, which are key Y6 skills.


One week will be spent on performance poetry, with us drawing on our interpretation and rhythm-based music skills to perform Robert Louis Stevenson's classic 'From a Railway Carriage' both as a class and in small groups.  Additionally, we will be engaging in reading comprehension and feature-spotting activities based on this poem, before drafting our own in its style.


In the second part of the half-term, we will be moving away from 'The Railway Children' and bringing our topic work on 'Inventors and  Inventions' into focus.  First, we will be considering the persuasive techniques required to write effective persuasive advertisements.  Key skills focused on throughout this unit will include emotive language, modal verbs, questions, commands and exclamations, conjunctions, passive voice and using colons and semi-colons.


Finally, we will spend the last week of the half-term using the picture book 'Until I Saw Dudley' as the stimulus for writing our own explanation texts.  We will be using our wild imaginations to explain how we believe complex machines work - the wackier the better (as long as the grammar is there too, of course).


Alongside our English learning, we will be deepening our grammatical knowledge and understanding to support us in achieving the very best that we can by the end of Y6.  Areas covered will include varied openers (including fronted adverbials and non-finite clauses), relative clauses, active and passive voice and different tense types, for example, present perfect tense and conditional tenses which are part of the Year 6 grammar curriculum.


Maths overview for this half-term

In Maths this half-term, we will be spending the first 2 full weeks on ‘Place Value’.  Within this unit, we will be reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers and determining the value of each digit.  We will also be working on rounding whole numbers to a required degree of accuracy and using negative numbers in context, including calculating intervals across zero.


Within our remaining 5 weeks, we will be focusing on ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’.  This will involve developing our written methods of multiplication and division, including multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit numbers  and using both short and long division to solve 4 digit divided by 2 digit calculations whilst using estimation to check answers.


Additionally, we will be identifying common factors, multiples and prime numbers and further developing our abilities to perform mental calculations, including those with mixed operations and increasingly large numbers, as well as those which require knowledge of the order of operations.


Throughout our maths learning this year, we will continue our emphasis on solving number and practical problems, including both single and multi-step word problems amongst other reasoning problems, as well as further strengthening our underpinning arithmetic skills.


PE overview for this half-term

As we work so hard in 6ZP, we love the opportunity to unwind a little and get involved in some fun PE games and activities!  We MAY be a little competitive too!


Indoor PE will be on Monday afternoons with class teachers this term.

Outdoor PE will be on Thursday afternoons with Miss Goddard this term.


Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that this meets the school requirements (e.g. white t-shirt, black shorts/joggers and trainers/plimsolls).  Earrings should also be taken out/left at home on PE days.  Any school clothes should also be clearly labelled, to support us in quickly returning misplaced items to their owner!  P.E. is statutory and children will need a medical note if they are unable to take part.


Computing overview for this half-term

This half-term, linked to our work on inventors and inventions, we will be spending 2 weeks in English developing the skills required to write our own persuasive advertisements.  Within our afternoon topic sessions, we will thus be spending 1 week designing our own inventions and 'pitching' them Dragon's Den-style to the Y6 teachers (taking careful consideration of purpose and target audience).  We'll be using our IT skills to research and create PowerPoint presentations, as well as to create Excel graphs and tables to support our pitches.


RE and PSHE overview for this half-term

Within our RE lessons this half-term, we will be beginning to look at how religious charities such as Global Gang and Child’s Islamic Relief are trying to make a difference in the world, before moving on to consider how we can make a difference ourselves.


Within our PSHE lessons and class assemblies, we will be exploring the importance of possessing a 'can-do' attitude and growth mindset, especially within Y6.  We will also be considering how we can best support each other through the challenges of Y6, as well as the happy times, and reflecting upon the importance of having confidence in our abilities and always giving our all.  We will be using inspirational video clips and stories as the basis for much of our PSHE learning, including the inspirational moment when Alistair Brownlee selflessly helped his brother (Johnny) over the finish line in the World Triathlon Series!


We will also be reflecting upon our goals and aspirations for the future, including finding out more about possible careers, secondary school and university, as well as developing our understanding of the importance of internet safety and how to keep safe online.



Weekly spellings are tested and set on Fridays, with new spellings thus stuck in reading records ready for the weekend. Children have 20 spellings a week in the Y6 format, giving them opportunities to explore Y5/6 National Curriculum spelling patterns and word lists, as well as recapping those from Y3/4.


Reading Diaries

Children have personal reading diaries which should be in their reading wallets with their book-banded school reading book and be brought into school every day.  They should read with an adult as much as possible and record this in these diaries, in addition to taking time to record their own independent reading experiences, reading at least 5 times a week.  They also have your own personal reading rewards booklets, within which they're working towards collecting 60 parent/carer signatures for reading at home in order to win a book from our class selection!



Homework operates a little differently in Y6 in order to ensure that we are best prepared for SATs and secondary school.  In time, children will be given your own personal set of CGP revision books, but for this first half-term they will be set weekly Mathletics homework, a quick SPAG task and one section of a reading comprehension, which will be given out weekly.  In order to support us in understanding where and why we are going wrong, as well as how we can improve in the future, we will be marking and reviewing these weekly tasks together, so it really is crucial that homework is completed and brought in.

Last but not least…

Thank you very much for all of your support over the course of this year!