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Nursery (Foundation Stage 1)

Welcome to

King Edward Nursery (FS1)

This is where children aged three and four years make friends, have fun and learn! 


The Nursery team welcome you to our Nursery page at King Edward. As the new school year begins we are excited to become explorers and children who have lots of fun! You will find a warm, happy and exciting environment where your child will be able to grow, develop and reach their full potential. Mrs Dawkes and Miss Charters are the Nursery teachers and Mrs Wright and Mrs Witton are our teaching assistants who are always with us. We are here to answer any queries, support you and ensure your child is happy and enjoying their Nursery experience. The Nursery has recently been refurbished with new and exciting ideas to stimulate your child. Research shows that children learn more rapidly in the first seven years of life, more than at any other time, so let’s make the most of it!


This term we have fun activities planned beginning with learning 'All About Me', so please remember those baby photos! At King Edward, we aim to involve the children as much as possible where the future topics are planned to suit their needs. The following topics are chosen by the children, as we find they will be more engaged!


As parents you play a vitally important role in your child’s development and we want to work in partnership with you, sharing information both from home and from Nursery. If you have any free time and would like to come into Nursery/F1 to play games, help or get creative, please let us know! If you have any questions, queries or concerns please pop in to see a member of the Nursery team. We offer an open door policy and welcome all families. Please also see the links below for further information and current documents.

Our class page will be updated regularly so keep checking!


Mrs Dawkes, Miss Charters, Mrs Witton and Mrs Wright are all so proud of the way children in Nursery get along with one another and have a go at everything on offer. Well done everyone!