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Spring 1

Maths Spring 1

In Maths, we will be spending the first week back exploring how to calculate and interpret the mean (average) of a set of data and revisiting our understanding of data handling and interpretation, including bar charts, line graphs and pie charts.


We will then be moving on to a unit focused upon geometry, involving considering, and reflecting upon, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes through a range of comparing, classifying and drawing-based problem-solving and reasoning activities.


Furthermore, we will be spending a week focusing on angles, including using a protractor to measure and draw angles and applying rules about angles to find missing values.


Later on in the half-term, we will be exploring ratio and scaling problems before moving on to exploring how to express simple formulae, number sequences and missing number problems algebraically.


Throughout our maths learning this year, we will continue our emphasis on solving number and practical problems, including both single and multi-step word problems amongst other reasoning problems, as well as further strengthening our underpinning arithmetic skills.