King Edward Primary School Excitement + Determination = Success


Meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Bridges

Deputy Headteacher
Miss  Oates


Assistant Headteacher
Miss Lee

Assistant Headteacher                    
Mrs Middleton

Teaching Team
Mrs Middleton E.Y.F.S. Leader and FS2 

Miss Upton - FS2

Miss Ellis - FS2

Mrs Dawkes - FS1 (p/t)

Miss Charters  - FS1 

Ms Cupidon- Year 1

Mrs Hicken - Year 1 (p/t)

Mrs Thorley - Year 1 (p/t)


Mrs Biston- Year 2 

Mrs Creak - Year 2

Mr White  - Year 2


Miss Martin - Year 3

Mr Cook - Year 3 (p/t)

Miss Lee - Year 3 (p/t)

Mrs Wilbourne - Year 4 (p/t)

Miss Oakley - Year 4


Mrs Binks - Year 5 (p/t)

Mrs Hodgkin - Year 5 (p/t)

Mrs Tanner - Year 5 (p/t)


Mrs Daniels - Year 6

Miss Parsons - Year 6

Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Daykin- Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hufton

Mrs Newton

Mrs O'Keefe - Behaviour Support, children and families

Miss Lilliman - Care Assistant, First Aid
Mrs Land - Teaching Assistant - Displays
Mrs Garley
Mrs Goddard - Teaching Assistant and PE Leader

Miss Pemberton

Miss Intress

Mr Starr

Mrs Witton - Senior Teaching Assistant, Coordinator of Students in school

Mrs Scothern - Year 1 Care Assistant, First Aid
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Stirland
Mrs Wright
Mrs Greasby

School Business Manager

Mrs Evans

Clerical Assistant
Mrs Leivers

Mrs Platts

Mrs Mellors

Mrs Hayes

Site Manager

Mr Chambers



Mr Ball

Mr Straw

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hayes

Midday Supervisor Team

Miss Blackwell

Miss Spencer

Mrs Carrington

Mrs Ward

Miss Intress

Mrs Stojanovic

Mrs Lidgett

Miss Harrison

Mrs Plian Ek

Mrs Short

Miss Priest

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Lomas

Miss Bingley

Miss Wyer

Miss Allen-Denton

Miss Evans

Mrs Hopkins


Mrs Shaw