King Edward Primary School Excitement + Determination = Success

Statutory Information

Contact details

We are:

King Edward Primary School
Our address is: 

St Andrew Street
NG18 2RG

Our e-mail address and phone are: 
Phone: 01623 472215


Please contact Mrs J Evans, Business Manager, in the school office with regard to any queries.  She can be contacted on the above telephone number or email address,


Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Miss C Oates. Please contact Miss Oates if you have any queries regarding Special Educational Needs.  She can be contacted on the above telephone number or email address. 


Admission arrangements

Determined admission arrangements 2016-2017 (open in a new window)

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Determined admission arrangements 2017-2018 (open in a new window)

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Determined admission arrangements 2018-2019 (open in a new window)

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Our School is situated in the Mansfield area and our admissions arrangements are handled by Nottinghamshire County Council.  Applications for school places should be made online at click here. However enquiries can also be made to the schools admissions team on 0300 500 8080


Ofsted reports

Please see Ofsted reports' available on the Ofsted website (open in a new window): 

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Last inspection report from 12 September 2017 is available below (open in a new window): 

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Last inspection report from 22 July 2015 is available below (open in a new window): 

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Ofsted visit on 18/07/2017

Letter to parents

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School inspections - a guide for parents.pdf
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Parent View - Give your views

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Assessment results





June 17


June 17


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Performance tables

Please find performance table on the website: (open in a new window): 

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Please find information about curriculum in the below document: 

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For further information, please visit class pages, school curriculum section here and below documents. 


School Curriculum
Special Needs Information Report - Local Offer
PSHE and SRE Curriculum Overview
King Ed's Whole School Curriculum 2014
Assessment Without Levels
National Curriculum Coverage Overview - 2014.pdf
English Curriculum.pdf
Working Scientifically Overviews.pdf
Computing Curriculum - Year Group Overviews.pdf
Progressive music scheme 2015.pdf
RE_SEAL overview Whole School - 2014.pdf

Medium Term Plans
Year 1 MTP
Year 2 MTP
Year 3 MTP
Year 4 MTP
Year 5 MTP
Year 6 MTP

This is a scheme we use within school. It gives you useful idea about things you can do to support your child with Phonics. 

If you require any further information please contact Miss Oates. 


Behaviour Policy

All documents open in a new window. 

Please see our Behaviour policy (last update: May 2018):

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Anti-bullying Policy

Anti-bullying policy (last update: May 2018) 
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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy (last update: policy June 2016) 

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If you have any queries regarding arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) about the support the school provides, please see the SEN policy page 10


Pupil Premium

Please see below documents (open in a new window):

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18 March Review:

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Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18:

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PP FUNDING plan 16-17 September 17 review:
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Pupil Premium Funding plan 16-17 Feb review: 

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Pupil Premium Funding plan September 2016: 

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Pupil premium 2014-15 evaluation:

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PE and sport premium
Please see below documents (open in a new window):

Primary School Sport Funding 2017-2018

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Primary School Sport Funding 2016-2017

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KEPS Sports funding 2015-2016

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Special Education Needs Report
Please see below documents (open in a new window):

Special Needs Information Report - Local Offer
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SEN Policy
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Accessibility Plan

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Prevent Duty Action Plan

Prevent Duty Action Plan Risk Assessment 2018:

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Equality objective

Equality policy (open in a new window): 

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Equality objective review (open in a new window): 

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Governors Information

Please see below Meet the governors website (open in a new window): 

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Charging and remissions policy

Please see below document (open in a new window):

Charging and Remissions Policy March 2016.doc
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Values and Ethos

The Aims of King Edward Primary School are: 

Excitement + Determination = Success

As pupils, parents, staff and governors we believe that school should be an exciting, fun and inspiring preparation for our futures. We value this friendly place where we enjoy our work and play, where we respect each other whatever our background, where we learn to be organised and follow a variety of creative activities.


We take pride in always doing our best because we are determined to learn. We enjoy being challenged and realise that we will continue to improve if we keep trying hard. We also value the opportunity to work and play at home. We know that, if we never give up, there is no limit to our future achievements.  


We have high expectations and we work with our teachers, who know what we are good at and how to help us to improve. We want success in all our work and play, as individuals and in group, in and out of the classroom. High expectations will help us to learn in all our subjects. We love to visit places. We respect and care about the world we live in. We are proud of our school, our town and our country. We like to question and explore. 


We support each other and we want to be rewarded for trying hard. We know that together, inspired, excited and determined, we will succeed. 



British Values Statement

At King Edward Primary we recognise the multicultural, multi-faith nature of the United Kingdom and understand the crucial role that schools play in promoting these values.

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values were reiterated in 2014.

As a community we embrace the Government’s definition of British Values:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Respect for those with different faiths and beliefs


Examples of the ways that the various values are promoted include:

  • Values are embedded within our whole school assembly themes each half term
  • An active school council promote democracy and include all pupils in decisions made about their school
  • Visitors from other countries and faiths, share their language and culture with pupils
  • At school, children are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment


Value of the half term

Each half term we consider a different value. Aspects of this value are introduced in our whole school assembly on Monday. Values are promoted in many different ways across the curriculum including:

  • Key Stage assemblies where stories, images, events and music promote the values
  • Thematic topic work including Religious Education lessons covering key religions represented in the UK, to promote understanding of religious diversity and practices
  • PE lessons promoting the concept of ‘fair play’
  • PSHE lessons and group sessions to develop mutual respect through social skills, turn taking and positive interactions


Request for copies

Please contact the school office, telephone number 01623 472215,  if you require copies of any documents or policies. Address details are on the top of this webpage.