King Edward Primary School Excitement + Determination = Success


Fantastic Football

Mr Ball

What a GOAL-den way to spend the afternoon.  You’ll NET find a more fun sport in this list!
Meeting place: Gazebo (40 children)


Creative Combo

Mrs Garley

Feeling a little greedy?  Unable to choose just one TGI?  Then come along and do some drawing whilst listening to music or listen to music while doing some drawing!
Meeting place: Spare Y5 classroom (30 children)


Incredible I-Pads

Mrs Newton & Mr Pawlowski

Get creative with lots of exciting apps and programmes, from Lego to the Ozobots.  You’ll APP-solutely love it!
Meeting place: 6MD classroom (30 children)


Marvellous Maths

Mrs Tanner

An opportunity for Y5 and Y6 children to take part in a NUMBER of exciting maths activities.
Meeting place: 5JT classroom (10 children, places available)


Perplexing Puzzles

Mrs Hodgkin

Dot-to-dots, wordsearches and much more.  If you’re SEARCH-ing for a challenge, then this is the TGI for you.
Meeting place: 5FH classroom (30 children)


Helping Hands

Mrs Middleton, Miss Upton, Miss Ellis

F2 (4 children)

Year 5 and 6 classes only
(No siblings)


Jump Start Jonny

Miss Oates

You STRICTLY must COME DANCING.  Enjoy an hour moving around to some of your favourite songs!
Meeting place: Y4-Y6 building hall (26 children, places available)


Crazy Crafts

Mrs Land & Mrs O’Keefe

Spend your Friday CRAFT-ernoon getting to grips with some exciting designing and making activities!
Meeting place: Spare Y6 classroom (20 children)


Super Story-Telling

Mrs Wright

Come together to hear and tell some lovely stories – a real page-turner of a TGI!
Meeting place: 3LC/SL classroom (18 children, places available)


Ground-breaking Gardening

Mr Starr and Mr Straw

If you DIG a bit of gardening, then this is without a doubt the TGI for you! 
Meeting place: Library (15 children)