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Autumn 1 The Circus Ship



During the first half term of the year the whole school are basing their topic around a book titled 'The Circus Ship'. Each year group are taking the book in a direction to suit their cohort. In Year 3 we will be focussing on circus animals from the past. We will be categorising animals into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and how we may distinguish these based on their poo! We will be looking at transportation of animals in the past and present as in the story they were transported by ship. We will also be designing and  making our own boats and testing them out to see whose floats and travels the best and asking why.

Watch the story being read below, enjoy.

The Circus Ship

Miss Amanda concludes our One Book, One Michiana celebration with The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen, the exciting and partly true story about what happens when a ship full of circus animals crashes into a small island town. Watch, share and enjoy!