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Autumn 2 Space

This half term we will learning about Space.

We are super excited to share our hook with the children: A UFO in the playground!?

A UFO in the playground?!

Still image for this video

We will enquire into: 

  • Space: stars, moon, sun, planets, aliens
  • Rockets
  • Astronauts 
  • Light and dark


Our key questions for this half term are:

  • What can you see in Space?
  • Where is Space?
  • How do you travel to Space?


Our focus books for this half term are:

  • Aliens love underpants 
  • Whatever next (2 weeks Talk 4 Writing)
  • The Darkest Dark
  • Laura's Star


We will also focus on Christmas for two weeks. We will learn about Jesus and the Christmas Nativity Story. 


Please look at our knowledge mat which outlines our key talking points for R.E and P.S.H.E. 


Please read our knowledge mat