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RE and RSHE - Autumn

Within our RE lessons this term, we will be spending the first half-term exploring the concepts of ‘Religion in Community’ including comparing and contrasting the statistics of world religions locally, regionally, nationally and globally and exploring examples of inter-faith co-operation.


In the second part of the half-term, we will be learning about ‘Wisdom and Authority’ including reflecting on words of wisdom from religions and worldviews and studying two contemporary examples in depth, as well as deepening our understanding of what sacred texts say about God, the world and human life.


Within our RSHE lessons and class assemblies, we will be getting to grips with a range of 'Talking Points'.  Throughout these topics, we will be engaging with some fabulous activities and producing some thought-provoking and reflective pieces of work using both our class RE scrapbooks and our own personal reflection journals.