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Current Topic - Our Changing World


Our Changing World - Autumn Term

This term, our foundation subject learning will all be based around the topic of 'Our Changing World'.


Within it, we will begin by exploring climate change, in terms of its causes, effects and impacts on the world around us, as well as developing our understanding of the human body, including the circulatory system, the way in which we acquire nutrients and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.


We will also be learning about the science behind evolution and inheritance with an emphasis on the geography and history of the incredible Galapagos Islands and the ideas and theories of Charles Darwin, whilst familiarising ourselves with the style of Mary Ellen Taylor, who combines watercolour painting and sketching to create images of plants and animals from the Galapagos within our art lessons.


Additionally, we will be developing our understanding of living things and their habitats including classifying animals and grouping species based upon their characteristics.  Throughout, we will maintain a strong focus upon the work and legacies of David Attenborough and Mary Anning.