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Current Topic - Mexico and the Maya

Mexico and the Maya - Summer Term

This term, we are very excited to introduce our final Y6 topic 'The Maya', which will initially begin with a short geography unit based upon Mexico, in order to set the scene for our ‘Maya’ learning before progressing on to a real history focus.


Throughout this topic, we will be exploring the history of the Maya civilisation and asking who, when, where and why as we learn more about this fascinating period of history.  In addition, we will be developing our understanding of Maya beliefs, with regards to gods and societal hierarchy.


As an added bonus, we will be embarking on an ambitious art project based upon the sculptures of Pedro Linares (a Mexican artist) and a DT project focused on weaving!

World War II - Spring Term

This term, our foundation subject learning will all be based around the topic of 'World War II'.


During the first half-term, this will involve the wider global impact of the war, with a particular emphasis on key events and turning points such as The Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbour, whilst in the second part of the term, we will be looking closer to home at Britain during this significant period in history.  Within this half-term, aspects such as The Blitz, evacuation and the home front will be learnt about.


Throughout this fascinating termly topic, we will also be pursuing a music unit based on war songs and participating in an artist study linked to the work of 20th Century sculptor Henry Moore.


Additionally, within our computing sessions, we will be using Microsoft PowerPoint to present information to a specific audience, including using sound, images, text, transitions and other elements effectively.


Even our French learning will be focused on World War II for the first half-term, which is very exciting!


Our Changing World - Autumn Term

This term, our foundation subject learning will all be based around the topic of 'Our Changing World'.


Within it, we will begin by exploring climate change, in terms of its causes, effects and impacts on the world around us, as well as developing our understanding of the human body, including the circulatory system, the way in which we acquire nutrients and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.


We will also be learning about the science behind evolution and inheritance with an emphasis on the geography and history of the incredible Galapagos Islands and the ideas and theories of Charles Darwin, whilst familiarising ourselves with the style of Mary Ellen Taylor, who combines watercolour painting and sketching to create images of plants and animals from the Galapagos within our art lessons.


Additionally, we will be developing our understanding of living things and their habitats including classifying animals and grouping species based upon their characteristics.  Throughout, we will maintain a strong focus upon the work and legacies of David Attenborough and Mary Anning.