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Current Topic - World War II

World War II - Autumn 2


This half-term, our Topic sessions will all be based around the topic of 'World War II' and will be supported by our visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.


Within our Topic lessons, we will be exploring the geography, history and RE behind ‘World War II’ in terms of what it was like to grow up in wartime, experiencing evacuation, rationing, propaganda and The Blitz as a part of daily life.  Additionally, at an age-appropriate level, we will be sensitively reflecting upon the wider implications of World War II, in terms of the Holocaust.


The  Circus Ship - Autumn 1

Within our Topic lessons, we will be using 'The Circus Ship' as the stimulus for a Topic unit focusing initially on animal rights, PT Barnum and the history of the circus before moving on to consider the key events behind the sinking of the Titanic and who was to blame.  We will also be engaging in a Y6 ‘Science Day’ linked to the book in the first few weeks of the half-term.