King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


This week, for Science Week, we were able to answer some of these questions: 


  • Which one tastes the best?
  • Which was is the best dunker?
  • Which one will melt the quickest?


We also sorted the biscuits by shape and colour. We made tally charts, sorted our biscuits, drew some of the biscuits, and predicted what we thought the answer would be to the key questions.

Biscuitology in F1

At the beginning of the week, we asked each child: what is your favourite biscuit? We created a class pictogram to show our results. We sorted the biscuits in different ways. We sorted them into groups based on the type of biscuit, colour, shape, and if it had cream in the middle. We made predictions and discussed what we thought would happen if we put a biscuit in water. We investigated and observed what happens to a biscuit when put in hot and cold water. To make it a fair test we used a 2-minute visual timer on the interactive whiteboard. We found that the pink panther biscuit makes the best dunker. We enjoyed tasting the biscuits at the end of the week!

Biscuitology in F2