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Foundation Stage 2 Information

Welcome to Foundation 2. 
The Foundation Team comprises of:

Miss Upton - Teacher

Miss Ellis - Teacher
Mrs Pemberton - Teaching Assistant


During the day the children are taught Literacy, Maths and Phonics. Following these teaching sessions the children work on a variety of activities within the unit.

It is during these free flow times, that the adults within the unit, support the children in their play. Adults also teach small groups and individual children during these free flow times. 

We have a small outside environment where the children are challenged physically.

We encourage the children to play and explore,  be critical, creative thinkers and independent learners.






Please sit with your child each night to share their reading book. Your child will initially bring home a picture book to discuss, once they can segment and blend words together they will be given a book with words. These will be changed weekly or once your child has finished the book. Your support in listening to your child read, will really benefit and support their learning in school. Please feel free to write comments in the reading diary. 



Your child will be given phonics homework which is linked to the phonics work your child is working on in their differentiated lessons. This homework together with the weekly Maths homework will be given out every Friday to be returned the following Thursday.




 If you have any old pants, tights, trousers or skirts that your child no longer needs please donate them to school. Many of our younger children have 'accidents' and we are running out of clothes to lend to the children. All donations would be gratefully received.


Please make sure the school has your latest emergency contact numbers.

We also need to know if you don't want your child's photo to appear on this website. During the year we like to publish photos on the school website to show parents what we have been doing in school. 


Finally please make sure all your child's clothing is clearly labelled, coats, jumpers, cardigans and including their P.E kit.
If you have any concerns or questions please come and ask us at the beginning or end of the day.


Parent helpers
If you have any spare time in the week and would like to help in the unit listening to children read, helping on craft tables or helping the children with their numbers, please speak to a member of the Foundation 
Team, we would love your help.