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This year our school has an increased focus on reading because we  believe that reading is the key to unlocking so many doors for our children. We have a class book which we read each afternoon and 4/5 whole class guided reading sessions per week. To support us in this, we would love you to encourage your child to read at home. It doesn't matter if its a comic or magazine; newsround on the internet; or a novel, any reading counts! 

To encourage this we are offering dojos if your child read 3 x or more in a week.

Read 3 times = 1merit

Read 4 times = 2 merits

Read 5 times = 3 merits

Read 6 times = 4 merits

Read 7 times = 5 merits

All you need to do is sign their reading record to say that you have seen them read.


Creative Homework

Creative homework will be sent out at the start of each topic. The children need to complete enough tasks to make 30 points but what they choose is up to them.