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Pupil Voice at KEPS

Pupil voice is central to everything we do at KEPS


At KEPS, we are passionate about ensuring that every child in our school understands that they have a right to be heard and to voice their opinions and we are dedicated to giving every single member of our school a voice and the confidence to use it and share their ideas with both peers and staff.


As a result, we recently began the journey to become a 'Smart School Council' school - something which was actually funded by our summer 2021 Year 6 leavers' fundraising. Through selling ice pops and tickets to their end of year performance, they have funded the first year of this journey, which we are all incredibly excited to be a part of.



Basically, each class has an elected Smart School Council rep and together they form our 'Communication Team'  who help to run the council and get everyone involved.  Each of these pupils have a specific role which helps the Communication Team to run.  One of these responsibilities includes setting up weekly class meetings, which are short (usually 5-10 minutes) pupil-led meetings held in every classroom and led by pupils whilst the teacher sits back and supports.  These meetings are based around a single question that small groups discuss before voting on an answer, which is then sent electronically to the Communication Team for analysis and next steps.  Across school (restrictions allowing) 'Action Teams' (the real stars of our council) are then formed. These are small groups who work together to share an interest, organise an event or try and improve something about the school.


As you can see, this is an innovative, inclusive and easy way to involve all KEPS pupils with one or more of our three core elements: our Communication Team, class meetings or one of our Action Teams.


To find out more about what both our School Council teams and Head Boy and Girl have been up to, please explore the pages above by clicking on the stars.