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Spring 1

Maths Spring 1
In Maths, we will be beginning with a unit on ‘Position and Direction’ in terms of reading and plotting co-ordinates and transformations, including translating, reflecting and rotating shapes on a co-ordinates grid.


This will be followed by a two-week unit on calculating with decimals, before moving on to percentages.  This four-week block will really enable us to build upon our fantastic start with fractions in the run-up to Christmas!


Finally, we will be exploring algebra and algebraic thinking, in terms of rules, formulae and equations.


Throughout, we will be continuing our emphasis on ‘looking at number in as many different ways and contexts as possible’ in order to boost your confidence with test-style problems in varied contexts, and will thus be solving number and practical problems, including both single and multi-step word problems amongst other reasoning problems, as well as further strengthening our underpinning arithmetic skills.