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Spring 1 Food

This half term we will be exploring Food!


Each week our theme will be focussed around a book.

Week 1: Goldilocks and the 3 bears

Week 2: Oliver's vegetables

Week 3: The Little Red Hen 

Week 4: The Gingerbread Man

Week 5: The Tiger That Came to Tea

Week 6: The Hungry Caterpillar


We are looking forward to making and tasting porridge, exploring growing, baking bread, making predictions and discovering what would happen to the Gingerbread man if he fell into the water. We are also going to become scientists and perform a bread experiment to find out whether mold does grow faster in different places. We will make observations and talk about these changes. During the half term we will have lots of opportunities to retell the stories using a story map and actions. 

Take a look at our knowledge mat

We are having lots of fun serving food in our role play cafe!