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Spring 1 Once upon a time

Our topic this half term is 'Once upon a time.'

Within this topic we will enquire into: 

  • Characters
  • Setting 
  • Problem 
  • Solution


Our key questions for this half term are:

  • Who is in the story?
  • Where did the story happen? 
  • What happened at the beginning? What happened in the middle? What happened at the end? 
  • What do you think might happen next?


Our key texts for this half term are:

  • The Little Red Hen 
  • The Gingerbread Man


Our core rhymes for this half term are:

  • Hickory dickory dock 
  • Down in the jungle
  • 10 green bottles 


Key dates:

  • 4th January 2022 - Topic Hook -The Little Red Hen -Baking bread
  • 24th January 2022 - Topic Hook -The Gingerbread Man -Baking Gingerbread men
  • 1st February 2022 - Chinese New Year