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RE and PSHE - Spring

Within our RE lessons, we will be making links to our ‘WWII’ topic work and exploring the Jewish faith in more depth, in order to support our developing understanding of Judaism and what it would have been like to be Jewish at that time.  We will also be continuing to record all of our phenomenal learning in our brilliant new RE scrapbooks, which the teachers are very excited about!


Within our PSHE lessons, we will be embarking on the DARE (Drugs Abuse Resistance Education) programme this term.  Weekly one hour sessions will be led by a visiting DARE officer and each child will be given their own booklet to complete during the lessons.   Through small group discussion and role play, these sessions will explore self-esteem, friendships, dilemmas and peer pressure as well as giving the children information about legal and illegal drugs such as medicines, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and volatile substances. We will look at the effects of the use of these substances on health and the legal, social and financial consequences of taking them, as well as dispelling any myths.  The final sessions will be spent considering managing disagreements, bullying and anti-social behaviour.  At the end of the ten-week programme, there should be a ‘graduation ceremony’ too (restriction friendly, of course).