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Spring 2

English Spring 2

Our English learning (and class text) this half-term will continue to be heavily linked with our topic work on ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ for the first couple of weeks back, as we plan, draft and edit our own narratives involving the beasts that we have already designed, before moving on to writing biographies of well-known naturalists.


For the rest of the half-term, we will be moving away from our topic focus to pursue a range of standalone mini English units, in order to support us in gathering a strong evidence bank of the very best pieces of our writing possible, so that we can demonstrate that we are able to work at, and above, the expected standard. These will include: two further examples of narratives based upon a video stimulus (including effective use of dialogue) and a recipe/set of instructions (to enable us to use and apply the layout features of non-fiction texts).


Alongside our English learning, we will also be revising key SPAG concepts, from punctuation such as parenthesis and semi-colons to word classes such as subordinating conjunctions and modal verbs and tenses such as the present perfect tense and conditional tenses as well as passive voice, which, along with much more, form the basis of the Y6 grammar curriculum.