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Spring Term 2 - People Who Help Us

This half term we will be learning about People Who Help Us. We have chosen this topic from the children's interests! We are looking forward to learning new vocabulary, looking at fiction and non-fiction books and engaging in lots of role play activities. The areas we have chosen to focus on are:

- Guide Dogs

- Firefighter and fire engines

- Police, including police dogs and horses

- Ambulance, Doctor and Dentists (keeping healthy)

- Postman

- Vet


As it is a very busy term we will also focus on:

- Careers day

- Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day

- Mothers Day

- The Easter story


We are hoping to invite visitors in to our F1 and F2 unit to involve the children in talks about their jobs and fun activities. We will keep you updated on these days.


Dates to put in your diary:

- Wednesday 26th February: Careers Day (Dress up wearing an outfit which you would like to do as a job!)

- Thursday 5th March: World Book Day (Dressing up as a word)

- Thursday 19th March: HSA School Disco

- Monday 23rd March: Mothers Day invite (grand parents, sisters and family too) - tea and cake in the new hall 2pm-3pm

- Friday 27th March: EYFS Physical Development Carousel Day (Suitable P.E Clothes)