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Summer 2 Around the world

Our topic this half term is 'around the world.'

Within this topic we will enquire into: 

  • Africa (hot climate/country)
  • Artic (polar regions -cold climate/country)
  • Animals 
  • Foods
  • Houses/homes


Our key questions for this half term are:

  • What is the weather like there? 
  • What foods do they eat?
  • Where do they live? 
  • What animals live there? 
  • How does this place compare with our local area? 


Our key texts are: 

  • We're going on a lion hunt 
  • The elephant and the zebra 


Our core rhymes for this half term are:

  • This old man 
  • The pirate song 


Sign of the week 

  • Hot
  • Grow
  • Cold 
  • Dirty
  • Balloon 
  • Shop


Hook/Wow moments 

  • Teddy bears picnic 
  • Sports day

Please read our knowledge mat for more information about our learning.