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Summer 2 Under The Sea

This half term our topic is: Under the Sea


We will be learning about Pirates for 3 weeks and Under the Sea for 4 weeks. Towards the end of the half term we will be getting the children ready for transition/moving to school.


An enquiry into:

  • Sea animals
  • Comparing land and sea animals 
  • Pirates
  • Summer 


Key questions:

  • What lives under the sea?
  • How can we protect sea animals?
  • What do pirates do?


Key stories:

The night pirates – Peter Harris

Pirate Pete – Nick Sharratt

The Pirates next door – Jonny Bubble

Commotion in the Ocean – Giles Andreae

Tiddler – Julia Donaldson

Rainbow fish – Marcus Pfister

Sharing the Shell – Julia Donaldson


Our hook: Pirate/World Ocean Theme day!


We will engage in lots of different nursery rhymes which involve using hand and body actions. 


Our PSHE talking points this half term is:

  • Changes - ready for school


We will continue to develop our Phase 1 Phonics skills with a big emphasis on Alliteration and Oral blending and Segmenting, which embeds those key speaking and listening skills.


We will also continue to develop our Number sense skills and Shape, Space and Measure.