King Edward Primary School Excitement + Determination = Success


TGI 2019

Jump Start Jonny
Miss Oates
You STRICTLY must COME DANCING.  Enjoy an hour moving around to some of your favourite songs!
Meeting place: New building hall


Mr Ball
If you love sport, then this is the TGI for you – your fun will MULTI-ply week by week when you get to try out each activity!
Meeting place: Top/old hall


POOL Party
Mrs O’Keefe
Want to join the CUE for pool?  Fancy a SPOT of dominoes? Excited to try your HAND at cards?  Then this is the TGI for you! 
Meeting place: Spare Y6 classroom


Incredible I-Pads
Mr Pawlowski
Get creative with lots of exciting apps and programmes, from Lego to the Ozobots.  You’ll APP-solutely love it!
Meeting place:  Spare Y5 classroom


Crazy Karaoke
Mrs Tanner
Hit the right NOTE with this TGI!  Sing along to some of your favourite songs in a group or – if you’re feeling brave – alone.
Meeting place: 5JT classroom


Film Fun

Mrs Hodgkin
Get a MOVIE on and sign up for this TGI!  Explore different films and do some interesting activities based upon them.  Each week, you won’t want it to be THE END.
Meeting place: 5FH classroom


Helping Hands

F2 (4 children), Y5 and Y6 only


Creative Colouring
Mrs Garley
Feeling BLUE?  REDDY for the weekend?  Not sure which TGI to 0-RANGE?  No need to PINK it over – choose this TGI!
Meeting place: 4PO classroom


Great Games
Mrs Newton
Board games, circle games, party games – there’s something for everyone in this WINNER of a TGI. It’d be DICE to see you there!
Meeting place: 6MD classroom


Super Sketching
Mr Starr
ERASE all other possible TGI ideas, you’ve not DRAWN the short straw here!
Meeting place: 3AM classroom