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The Magic Porridge Pot 8.02.21- 12.02.21

Friday 12th February 


Today is Chinese New Year. Watch the videos to find out more about Chinese New Year.

One of the colours often seen during Chinese New Year is red. Make a list of words that rhyme with the word red, e.g. bed, fed, wed, shed, Ned.

Make a model dragon - you could use cardboard tubes and boxes, playdough, construction toys or natural materials like leaves and pebbles.
Maybe you could draw a picture or take a photo of your dragon model!

Thursday 11th February 


Listen to the story: The Magic Porridge Pot 

How would you feel if you found a magic porridge pot? 

If you had a magic pot, what food would you like it to make you? Draw and label a picture of your favourite food. Ask your family about their favourite food too. What would they like the magic pot to make them? What magic item do you wish you could have?

Wednesday 10th February 

Listen to the story: The Magic Porridge Pot 


Draw a picture to show your understanding of the story.

Can you remember the words the little girl in the story needed to say to make the magic pot start and stop cooking. Try writing the magic words "cook little pot cook" and "stop little pot stop". Remember to sound out the words, these do not need to be spelt correctly. The children need to write the sounds that they can hear in the words for example 'cuk -cook, litl -little.'

Tuesday 9th February

Listen to the story: The Magic Porridge Pot 


Can the children remember the words to stop and start the porridge? How do you start cooking the porridge? How do you stop the porridge cooking? What are the magic words? 

Try writing some magic words that you could use if you had a magic cooking pot. Sound out the words carefully. 


Can you create your own magic porridge pot? Decorate an empty container to make your own magic pot. You could use an empty cardboard box, bottle or plastic container such as a yoghurt pot. How could you make it look magical? You could use paper, paint, glitter or crayons. We would love to see your finished creations!


Monday 8th February 

Listen to the story: The Magic Porridge Pot 


Draw the characters in the story. 

Talk about the characters in the story and how they might be feeling. 


  • How do you think the little girl Rose and her mother feel at the beginning of the story? 
  • How do you think the old lady feels? 
  • How do you think the family and the villagers feel at the end of the story? 
  • What was the problem? (the porridge pot overflowed, the mother couldn't remember the magic words and the pot went on cooking and cooking) 
  • How was the problem solved? (Rose shouted stop stop little pot, no more porridge that's the lot). 
  • What did the villagers do with all that porridge?


If you have the ingredients at home -follow a recipe to make porridge.  Encourage your child to try the porridge and express their likes and dislikes. 


The Magic Porridge Pot