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Spring 2 The Zoo

This half term our topic is: The Zoo


We are super excited to share our hook with the children: We are going to dress up in different colours to show we are all unique.

We will enquire into: 

  • Zoo animals. 
  • Caring for animals.


We will learn about what a zoo is, what animals live in a zoo, who works in a zoo and how to care for animals. 


Our key questions for this half term are:

  • What lives in a zoo?
  • What is a zoo?
  • Who works at a zoo?


Our focus books for this half term are: 

  • Elmer 
  • Giraffe's can't dance 
  • What the ladybird heard on holiday
  • Why elephant has a trunk 
  • Non-fiction -Helping out at the zoo/A trip to the zoo


Our core rhymes this half term are:

  • There's a worm at the bottom of the garden
  • Diddle, diddle dumpling 
  • 5 Little Monkeys 
  • Miss Polly had a dolly 
  • 5 little speckled frogs


Our PSHE talking point this half term is:

  • Circle of Love


Our R.E. talking point for this half term is: 

  • Who are we and how do we belong?


Please view our Knowledge Mat.