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Topic and English

Autumn Term

The children are enjoying our first topic Circus! Circus! which is linked to a book called 'The Circus Ship'.  Our end of unit outcome is a debate on whether animals should be used in circus performances. In order to form an opinion, we are looking at four famous circuses and considering how these are similar and different, and what they have to offer that is unique. We will be using the internet and our topic books to research different types of circus acts (including the use of animals)  and creating a non-chronological report. Our art will focus on clowns and how they are portrayed in art and using our observations to create out own clown masterpiece!


We closely link our writing with our topic. So our first units of year five will be linked to the circus. We have already written a diary entry to recount the events of 'The Circus Ship' from the perspective of a towns person. Our second unit is to write a balanced argument about the use of animals in the circus. This will help us formulate our arguments for the end of unit debate and get us used to formal language. Within this unit, our grammar focus is modal verbs and how they can be used to emphasise points and should be used to show how possible something is.