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Topic Week 5 

Go on a minibeast hunt and see how many creepy crawlies you can spot in your garden, or on your walk. Don't forget to look under rocks, in bushes, on trees, flowers and leaves, in long grass. Tick the minibeasts that you have found on the checklist below. 

Minibeast hunt

VE Day 

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. Many people around the country will be having celebrations, here are a few ideas for how you could celebrate at home. 


Here are some links to some downloadable/printable activities (please do not worry if you are unable to download and print) 

Topic Week 3- Life Cycle Of a Butterfly

Follow the link above and watch the video all about the life cycle of a butterfly. 
Can you show the life cycle of a butterfly? You can draw it, paint it or even make a model There are some examples below :) 

Art Week 2- Starry Night 


This week we have been looking at The Night Pirates. Discuss with your grown up what happens at night, what do we do? What animals might we see? What happens to the sky? 
A very famous Artist called Van Gogh painted a picture of a Starry Night, Can you have a go at making your own Starry Night picture? You could use paint, chalk, crayons, or even collage. 


Art Week 1 Supertato


Can you draw, paint, chalk, collage or even use a real potato to make Supertato?

Topic Week 1 Time to go outside and explore the natural world


Kids love scavenger hunts! As your child runs around collecting all the different natural items on their colour wheel, they're getting exercise, exploring their surroundings and connecting with nature. 

Download your colour wheel below or you could even draw and colour your own!

For more information

Download your nature colour wheel here

Art Week 2 Self Portrait

Use a mirror to look at yourself. Can you see what colour your eyes are? your hair? Use a mirror to help you draw or paint a portrait picture of yourself.

Topic Week 2

Still image for this video
Please draw and label a picture of your family in your homework book and complete another activity of your choice!

Art Week 1 Rainbows

Can you draw, paint or chalk a rainbow? You could even put it in your window to make passers by smile! I look  forward to seeing all your beautiful rainbows.

Topic Week 1

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When you were a baby...
Look at some photos from when you were a baby. Put them in age order.
Can discuss the things you could do when you were a baby and the things you can do now?