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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Autumn Term 

'The Railway Children'


  All of our English work this half term will focus around the visiting Theatre company's performance of The Railway Children.

We are so excited to find out more about the story.

Topic: Who lives in a house like this?

(linked to the whole school topic of The Railway Children). 

We are so lucky to have had a theatre production company in to visit the whole school to perform The Railway Children. The children absolutely loved it and they were full of a mix of different emotions. They were so encaptured by the wonderful ending; their gasps gave me such goose bumps! 

The performance has enabled the children to write some wonderful pieces of work, including some information texts on the characters. 

As well as the whole school topic, in year two, this term the children will be looking into houses, habitats and how animals adapt to the different environments. We will be looking at our own environment, creating maps of the local environment and comparing town and country. 

In design and technology we are going to be creating sculptures of the characters from The Railway Children. 




Each daily Numeracy lesson will start with our Daily count.

This term we will start with Place Value, showing understanding of tens and ones. We will represent these 2 digit numbers practically using denes and then move on to representing them in pictures, drawing the tens and ones clearly and smartly.




Please do help your child learn their weekly spellings. This should help to improve spelling within our written work. 


Guided Reading

There is a real emphasis on reading this year.  One of the best ways to get better at reading is to practice, practice, practice. For this reason, please read at least four times a week at home. Please write in your child's reading diary if they read with you at home, or they can write in their diary with an adult's signature.


This term we are concentrating on comprehension so please talk about the book or pages they have read.

Children will read with a teacher once a week in guided reading. We will now be setting weekly reading comprehension homework. Keep a look out for it! 


Reading Rewards

Everytime your child reads with an adult at home, please fill in the Reading Reward booklet so that your child can be rewarded for their hard work.

Well done to those children who already chosen a lovely book which they can keep.


In PE we are very lucky to have 'Dancing Claire' come and work with us. She is going to be showing us lots of dance routines around the theme of trains. 



We are looking at the book Home by Carson Ellis. It is such a wonderful book looking at the different types of homes that people live in. The illustrations in the book are absolutely stunning! We are going to start off by doing lots of wondering about the book and lots of talking about the different homes. Then we will be comparing the different homes by writing compound sentences using 'and' and 'but'. 




As a school, we are incorporating a few elements of CLIC into our maths, such as 'count' and 'learn its'. This will help with our quick recall of times tables facts. By the end of year two the children should be able to chant the 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well as quickly recalling facts at random. 

To begin the Autumn Term, we are focussing on our number work with partitioning numbers into tens and ones (chips and peas!) which will be nicely followed by addition and subtraction using pictorial representation. 

I will be explaining more at our parents evenings about the methods we learn at King Edwards, but if you ever need a point in the right direction at home, please ask. 



The children have PE on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons so please ensure they have their kits for this session.


Class Dojo

Each class in the school is using Class Dojo. This is a fantastic, free resource to use to communicate with your teacher and see your child's rewards for their efforts. If you can, download the free app for your phone. You will see when your child gets a merit (and what it is for), you will see information put on the class story feed (such as reminders or positive messages!) and you will also be able to contact your teacher directly and they can contact you. This is perfect if you were unable to pass on a message at drop off etc. 

Please sign up if you haven't yet and download the app. It's great! 


Homework is handed out on a Friday due for handing in on the following Wednesday. 

Reading comprehension text book

Maths book

Spelling homework 

Please continue to read with your child three times a week. It really does make a lot of difference! 


If you would like any further information or there is something which you would like to discuss please don't hesitate to come and see us.

Thank you, 


The Handwriting Success Criteria.

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