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Year 4



Welcome to our Year 4 Page

Our teachers are Mrs. Wilbourne and Miss Oakley.

We work very hard in our classes.

We always aim to try our best, and enjoy our learning.




This half term our topic is 



The Railway Children



In this topic, we will be learning about lots of things.



We will be studying character and setting descriptions in the book 'The Railway Children'. Then, we will plan and write our own setting and character descriptions.

We will also be learning about dialogue. We will examine the features of speech punctuation and layout, and use these to produce our own dialogue writing connected to 'The Railway Children'.

In addition, we will continue to learn a range of grammar conventions linked to Rainbow Grammar, and we will be applying these in our written work.



We will be studying a range of mathematical topics including place value, rounding, addition and subtraction. We will practise the written methods of addition and subtraction, and we will work on a variety of addition and subtraction problems. Also, we will be studying analogue and digital time on a 12 hour clock.

We will also undertake daily practice of our times tables and counting skills.



We will be following on from French sessions in Year 3, using the Rigolo teaching program to support our learning.



We will look at the theme 'Colour'. We will explore tint, shade and tone. Also, we will investigate colour mixing and will mix our own colour palettes. In addition, we will find out how colour can be linked to mood.



Our topic in R.E. this half term will be 'Hindu Worship'. We will looking at the origin of Hinduism. We will explore Hindu beliefs about God, and who and where they worship. We will also study the rituals of Hindu worship. In addition, we will look at some Hindu stories, and discuss their meanings.



Our PHSE topic will be ‘New Beginnings’. This work will help us to understand that we all have different gifts and talents. It will also show us the importance of rules and how we need to work together cooperatively.



In history, we will be learning about life in Edwardian times.



In science we will studying the topic of 'Light'. Through this work, we will be investigating natural and artificial light sources. We will be considering how we see objects and colours. We will investigate the reflection of light and we will be studying refraction and rainbows.




More Information for Parents



Children will be given weekly lists of spellings to learn which will support the spelling patterns they are learning in class.

Mrs Wilbourne’s spellings will go out on a Monday and be tested on the following Monday.

Miss Oakley’s spellings will go out on a Friday and be tested on the following Friday.


Reading homework will be distributed on a Friday and needs returning the following Wednesday.


Creative homework will be given out at the start of each half term and will need returning by the date given on the activity sheet.



We encourage children to read at home regularly to support their progress at school. Reading records and books should be in school every day please. If your child reads at home, please sign their Reading Reward Sheet. Once your child has completed sixty reads, they can choose a free, brand-new book from school.


It would also be very beneficial to your child's learning, if they could regularly practise their times tables and quick mental maths activities. 


We appreciate you supporting your child with their homework, and ensuring it is completed appropriately.


P.E and Swimming


Children are expected to wear the correct school uniform, including appropriate footwear.

P.E. kits should consist of: white t-shirt, black shorts, a long sleeve jumper, long sports trousers and plimsolls or trainers.

Please name all of your child’s property.

P.E. day for both Year 4 classes is Wednesday.

We will endeavour to go outside and do P.E. even in cold weather.

Please ensure your children have their PE kit in school on these days, and that earrings are removed.


Swimming will be commencing on Monday 21st September. All children will be swimming this year. A letter will be sent out shortly informing you of the details.


If you do not wish your child to take part in P.E. lessons for any reason, please send a note into school, or speak to your child's class teacher.
Thank you.



Please call in to see us if you have any concerns about your child.


We are looking forward to a fantastic year of happy learning!



Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.


Below are some websites you might like to visit.
They will support the work we are doing this half term.

Behaviour for learning