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At King Edward Primary, creativity, imagination and expression are at the heart of our art lessons. Our art curriculum allows children to develop their skills and talents whilst using a range of engaging media and materials. Children have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of drawing, painting and sculpture. Key skills which are taught in Art lessons are applied to their cross-curricular topics, allowing children to explore topics in a much greater depth. We encourage our children to critique and evaluate both their own art work and the work of varying artists from different cultures, countries and time periods; showing them a diverse picture of art. Through exposing them to a range of different artists, designers, architects and craft makers, we aim to inspire our children and encourage them to become inquisitive and independent artists.

King Ed's Art Gallery

Take a look at some of our amazing art work at King Edward! 

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Big Draw Workshop - Year 5 Took Part in the Big Draw Workshop at Mansfield Library where they took part in lots of arts activities such as animation and dance art work.