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Summer - Food, glorious food

Food Glorious Food!

Here is the knowledge organiser for Food Glorious Food...

Here is our Creative Homework grid!

These are optional activities that can be completed at home.



Here is an overview on what we will be covering across all of the foundation subjects:


In Science, the children will be learning all about plants.  They will be learning about wild and garden plants, as well as deciduous and evergreen trees.  They will also learn about the basic structure of plants, and we will be growing plants.


In Geography, we will be comparing Mansfield with Kenya.  We will also be learning about Human and Physical features, and look how they differ in Mansfield and Kenya.


We will also be looking at different types of maps.


In Art we will be looking at how we can mix 2 colours to make a different colour - adding together 2 primary colours to make a secondary colour.


We will also learn about the artist Vincent Van Gogh, and study one of his famous pieces of art - The Sunflowers.


In DT we will be learning about where food comes from, and we will use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes.




In music the children will be learning how we can use music to create different feelings and moods.


They will also listen to short, simple pieces of music and talk about when and why they may hear it.


In computing the children will be learning that an algorithm is a set of instructions, and will write simple algorithms for a BeeBot.  They will also look for errors in an existing algorithm.