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Home School Association

The Home School Association’s first official meeting was in July 1985. Since then the Association has organised innumerable events to raise funds for the school, including; special fun sports days, fetes, bring and buy sales, discos etc. The Association is still very strong, and has provided much need equipment for the school, or paid for special events, out of the money raised.


The Post Office Magazine (June 1935)

The Post Office Magazine of June 1935 carries an article called, “A Post Office In Miniature At King Edward’s Infants’ School, Mansfield”. It described a visit by a group of infants to the local post office and telephone exchange, and their efforts to create a model post office with a working telephone line in the school. It also comments on the prominence of the Savings Bank advertising.

The very polite and eloquent thank-you letters written by the children to the Head Postmaster are particularly charming, coming as they do from children under 8 years of age – a thank you letter of any sort nowadays is a rarity, let alone such well written ones!

Anecdotal evidence suggests that savings schemes were operated in schools from the First World War up until the late 1960’s, and of course there were the war savings schemes of the Second World War. This is difficult to verify, but the Government has recently suggested teaching money management in primary schools, so perhaps it will return.
” Dear Sir, I wonder if you would like me to tell you all the characterstics of our Post Office. It is just like the real one in appearance. We sell real things like the Post Office in the neighbourhood. We have some postal orders and some stamps. We have a real telephone. We write letters, and then Miss Martin puts the stamps on and then we post them in our pillar box. Immediately they are delivered, and I believe the postman gets very exhausted with all his work. He is determined to ge all his work done in time.”

“Dear sir, I wonder if you would like to come and see our Post Office now we have finished it. Immediately you step inside our Post Office you will be surprised. We sell stamps perpetually, and postal orders, and registered letter. When the telephone bell rings we lift off the reciever and talk distinctly. We hgave not a telegraph messenger so wll you please send us one, to come and take telegrams out. The stamps that we sell are exaclty like yours in appearance, and we sell them at ½d., 1d., 1 ½d.”