King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


Design Technology: We have had a busy day being designers and making Great Fire of London moving pictures.

Fire Museum Trip Jan 2024 


As our History driver this term is The Great Fire of London, we made use of our local facility, Mansfield Fire Museum, where we explored all the old fire engines and compared them to the modern ones in the live fire station. The children even got to try on an official fire helmet used by firefighters today!

History- The Great Fire of London Focus


We have been learning how to sort images into things that happened in the past and present, and how we can used images from the past as 'sources' to give us information about different events. We have also learnt about how Samuel Pepys' diary was used as source of information from 1666. The children used iPads to sort sources from modern day and those that were from 1666. 

Science- Everyday Materials


We have been identifying and sorting materials based upon their properties. We had a look at a variety of everyday materials before deciding on the correct properties for each one.