King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


MFL intent At King Edward we are proud to be a multi culturally diverse school. We embrace the fact that in addition to English, 21 different languages are spoken by the families at King Edwards. We are also aware that for many of our children French will be their third or even fourth language. Our intent with the teaching of French at King Edward is both to build children’s curiosity, deepen their understanding of the world and to foster an interest in languages that will be built on in secondary school and beyond. The teaching of French will enable children to express their ideas and thoughts in another common language. Our children will have the opportunity to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing which will also expand on their knowledge of English by comparing the similarities between the two languages. French teaching will not just be about the language but learning about the culture and way of life not just in France but French speaking countries throughout the world. By doing this we intend to encourage the children to consider the wonderful variety of cultures and people who share our world.

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