King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Year 4 Rainforests

In year 4, the children have been learning all about rainforests. They have used atlases and maps to investigate countries in which rainforests can be found. 

The children enjoyed using Ipads to research information about the different layers in a rainforest. After this, they used their new knowledge to create an explanation page, they used their art skills to draw the different layers before adding their information. 

Next, the children focussed on the Amazon Rainforest. They compared it to their local forest, sherwood forest. They then learnt about Amazon tribes and the people that live in the rainforest. They were fascinated by how different their lives are. The children then made models of rainforest homes! They designed their homes, thinking carefully about the materials they would use and worked together in groups to create them.