King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success




Nottinghamshire was a forerunner in the provision of Nursery facilities (for under 5-year olds), usually in a class attached to an Infants School, increasingly so from 1944, and usually purpose built since 1980’s.

At King Edward, a baby room, almost as large as the classrooms, was included within the Infants’ school in the original 1903 design; there was presumably other provision for toddlers.

In 1982, a proper separate nursery was provided within the school.

An article in the Chad (16/02/94) featured a photograph showing fathers renovating the disused toilet block [in the Infants’ playground] to turn into a Mothers & Toddler Room; parents had raised more than £700 towards costs. Clearly the demand for nursery facilities was greater than the school had room for.

The remaining outbuildings in the Infants’ playground, together with the Mothers & Toddler Room, were replaced by a purpose built Nursery building in 2004, providing room for some 80 children split across morning and afternoon sessions.