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School History

This ‘history’ has been put together, hastily, from a multitude of sources, not all in agreement, some attributable and some not. I have necessarily interpreted some of the information, putting together the anecdotal with the best fact I could find and so it is not a strict historical account. Some dates in particular are vague or speculative. Much of the detail available concerns the early history and opening of the school. After that, information on the day to day life of the school becomes increasingly sketchy until very little is recorded about the period 1970 – 2000; the war years are also sparsly reported. There is much more information, not reported here, about the staff who worked at King Edward, as well as the day to day minutii recorded in the school logs, but no pictures or stories of real life at the school or living in the area. However, I believe this account to be a fair reflection of what is known from easily accessible public, and some private, sources. I offer it as a ‘straw man’ to be challenged or added to.

P J Burrows, 2008






King Edward Schools 1903, photographed just before they were opened by the Sherwood Photographic Company, Mansfield.

The builders are pictured posing in what was to become St Catherine Street. Housing was built in the adjacent streets over the next two or three years. Some of the existing terraces on Littleworth can just be seen in the background to the left.



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