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School Curriculum

King Edward’s curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for lifelong learning within their family, the local community and the wider world. We recognise every child as a unique individual whom we empower to achieve their personal best. Our curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that our children are exposed to valuable and varied learning through residentials, topic driven activities both in and out of school and sporting opportunities. We want our children to develop a love of reading and to be able to understand more about the world in which they live through the knowledge they gain from texts. Our primary focus is to raise aspirations, develop a sense of personal pride in achievement, provide a purpose and relevance for learning and ultimately to help every student find their strengths and interests. We live in a fast-changing world and we know that we cannot give our children a map for what is to come, however we can, through developing character, give them the means to navigate their future.


King Edward’s curriculum is a creative framework designed to promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge & understanding, develop transferable skills and develop a love of learning through an opportunity and vocabulary rich environment. The vehicle for this in each year group is a termly topic with a key text at its heart. In our EYFS this is driven by the children and their interests whilst KS1 and KS2 have knowledge and skills-based topics. Teachers plan for learning, not lessons, guiding children through the topics in order for them to progressively master key skills.


At King Edward we promote the importance of Physical Education and a healthy lifestyle to all children across the school. We aim for all children to have an opportunity to compete in sport (both against self and against others) to build character and help to embed values such as fairness, respect and sportsmanship. We also provide opportunities for our children to become sports leaders within the local community, fostering a love of sport and sharing this with others.


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is a crucial aspect of our ‘Wellbeing’ commitment to our children. We aim to ensure each child develops a deep understanding of not only themselves, but their peers and those in their local community and wider world through our ‘Talking Points’ curriculum.


If you require any more information regarding curriculum, please contact our school office.