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Year 4

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Updated: Spring 2020/21




Welcome back to the second part of the Spring term at King Eds! We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready to kick off the term with a bang! We will be continuing our exciting Amazon topic this term where we will be looking at some more geographical aspects as well as some artists who have drawn inspiration from this world wonder.



Spring term our topic is:

Sounds of the Amazon




Over the course of the Spring term, we will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. Exploring this topic using a cross-curricular approach, the children will be learning about critical environmental matters such as deforestation, various forms of pollution, and how humans have an impact on the planet we live on. 


Children will be learning about rivers, the water cycle and states of matter as the topic progresses and we will incorporate lots of linking texts in whole class reading sessions, as well as lots of creative activities within the foundation subjects. 


We hope you enjoy this exciting topic as much as we do!







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