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Year 4


Welcome to our Year 4 Page

Our teachers are Mrs. Wilbourne and Miss Langridge.

We work very hard in our classes.

We always aim to try our best, and enjoy our learning.




This half term our topic is 





In this topic, we will be learning about lots of things.







We will be learning about the Amazon River and the rainforest, and we will be locating these on maps. We will also be finding out about the people, plants and animals of the rainforest. We will be studying deforestation. We will learn why the rainforest is being destroyed, and the consequences of this.


We will be studying persuasive writing and the key features within it. We will be writing persuasive pieces of work linked to rainforest conservation and visiting the rainforest.

We will also be learning about performance poetry. We will be studying how to write a good poem to perform, and we will also consider how we can perform a poem well. We will perform a given piece of rainforest poetry and then write our own poetry, which we will then perform to others.

We will continue to learn a range of grammar conventions linked to Rainbow Grammar, and we will be applying these in our written work. 




We will be studying a variety of numerical topics including problem solving using written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also we will be studying position and movement, time and data handling. We will also continue with the daily practice of our multiplication tables, and of counting.


In science we will studying the topic of 'Sound'. Through this work, we will be investigating what causes sound, factors which affect the pitch of sound, insulating sound, and the hearing of particular animals in the rainforest e.g. bat.



We will look at a selection of rainforest paintings by the artist, Henri Rousseau. We will study aspects of his work and practise using his style within small drawings. We will then collate our ideas to produce our own picture of the rainforest, in the style of Rousseau.



In R.E. we will be studying the role of the arts within religion. We will look at how dance, music and art is used by varying faiths within their worship..





In this unit of work we will be thinking about changes. We will discuss how some changes are good and how these can often make us feel better. We will be talking about how some changes may be difficult or uncomfortable for us and that these changes may create unpleasant feelings. We will consider strategies to deal with these feelings so we can face change positively.



Indoor games and dance

Outdoor games - squash, cricket, tennis, rounders

P.E. day for 4SW and 4AL is Wednesday.


Please ensure that a P.E. kit is in school on a Wednesday.





More Information for Parents



Children will be given weekly lists of spellings to learn which will support the spelling patterns they are learning in class.

Spellings will go out on a Monday, and will be tested on the following Monday.


Creative homework will be given out at the start of each half term, and will need returning by the date given on the activity sheet.



We encourage children to read at home regularly to support their progress at school. Reading records and books should be in school every day please. 


It would also be very beneficial to your child's learning, if they could regularly practise their times tables and quick mental maths activities. 


We appreciate you supporting your child with their homework, and ensuring it is completed appropriately.


P.E and Swimming


Children are expected to wear the correct school uniform, including appropriate footwear.

P.E. kits should consist of: white t-shirt, black shorts, a long sleeve jumper, long sports trousers and plimsolls or trainers.

Please name all of your child’s property.

P.E. day for both classes is Wednesday.

We will endeavour to go outside and do P.E. even in cold weather.

Please ensure your children have their PE kit in school on these days, and that earrings are removed.  Thank you.


If you do not wish your child to take part in P.E. lessons for any reason, please send a note into school, or speak to your child's class teacher.
Thank you.




Please call in to see us if you have any concerns about your child.


We are looking forward to a fantastic year of happy learning!



Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.


Below are some websites you might like to visit.
They will support the work we are doing this half term.

Behaviour for learning