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Year 4

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Updated: Spring 2021-22



Our Spring term topic is:

Sounds of the Amazon


Welcome back to the Spring Term, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season spent with family and friends. 


This term the children will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We will be looking at the layers and creatures of the rainforest as well as the impact deforestation is having on this natural phenomenon. 

In Art lessons, the children will be learning about a famous artist Henri Rousseau who drew his inspiration from the Amazon Rainforest. The children will then use a range of media to recreate one of his famous works as well as an original piece using Henri's techniques. 


In Science, we will be learning about animals in their natural habitats and how we classify living things. Using a cross-curricular approach, the children will be learning about the water cycle and rivers which overlaps with our Geography topic for the term. 

Measuring Theme Day 10.11.21

The children have been measuring up a storm this morning! They used Whiteboard markers to draw a line on their desks and had to work their way around the class to measure and convert each other's lines. Using rulers and measuring tapes, they have had to work carefully and make sure they are converting from cm to mm. 


We also looked at the book Prehistoric Actual Size, where we compared prehistoric animal sizes and measured out a Gigantasaurus on the field which was 14m in length!


              Our Autumn term topic is:

Ancient Greece


Our topic for the Autumn term is Ancient Greece. We are learning about how the Greeks lived in their day-to-day life, the differences between the Ancient Greek city-states and how the Ancient Greeks influenced life today.

Our English will focus on Greece, starting with persuasive holiday brochures, before moving onto narratives based on Greek myths. The children will be engaging in a range of activities to support their learning, including: Greek food tasting, taking a plane journey to explore the Greek islands, designing and sculpting Greek pottery.





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