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Year 4

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Updated: Summer 21/22



Our Summer term topic is:

Roman Invasion!


Welcome back to the Summer Term, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and spent it with family and friends. 


This term, the children will be learning all about the Romans. We will be kicking our topic off with a visit to Mansfield Museum where we will find out about Roman life and how they left their mark on Britain today! Since it is a history-based topic, we will be exploring chronology and where the Romans fit in the timeline of the last 3000 years. Roman architects and their water systems are of great importance and we will be looking at how these inventors impacted their society. Having studied the Ancient Greeks in the Autumn term, we will be comparing these two civilisations with each other and to modern-day life. 


In Science and Music, we will be learning about sound and how we can compose our own music. The human ear is fascinating and we will be listening to and analysing a range of different sounds at different pitches, volume, and timbres. 

4MD's trip to the museum

World Book Day 2022

Measuring Theme Day 10.11.21

The children have been measuring up a storm this morning! They used Whiteboard markers to draw a line on their desks and had to work their way around the class to measure and convert each other's lines. Using rulers and measuring tapes, they have had to work carefully and make sure they are converting from cm to mm. 


We also looked at the book Prehistoric Actual Size, where we compared prehistoric animal sizes and measured out a Gigantasaurus on the field which was 14m in length!