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Spring Y6 - WWII

Speaking to Mr Ellis - an ex-King Ed's Kid!

Here are some photos of Y6 welcoming Mr Ellis back to KEPS. He had requested to visit King Edwards as he had been a pupil here in the 1930's and 40's and wanted to see how it had changed.  After a small group of children gave him a tour, the year group were very lucky that he agreed to be 'interviewed'  about what it was like to be a child in WW2. What was intended to be 10 minutes turned into a 50 minute session as the children had so many questions!  They found out so much information, such as that when the school was taken over by recovering soldiers from Dunkirk the children had to move out of school and have lessons on the recreation ground close to school!  They also enjoyed hearing how the people of Mansfield felt about the war and how euphoric the celebrations were on VE day. Afterwards, the year group listened to one of Mr Ellis' favourite songs from the war - There Will Always be an England.

Exploring Home Front Artefacts

Here are some photos of Y6 exploring WWII artefacts loaned from Wollaton Hall's 'Access Artefacts' programme as part of their loaned from Wollaton Hall 's 'Access Artefacts' programme as part of their history learning. They spent two fabulous afternoons with a wide range of artefacts developing their historical skills and deepening their understanding of what it was really like to live during WWII. They also put a great deal of thought into the reliability of primary and secondary sources and why - as historians - we should question everything and take nothing at face value!