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Count by 2 | Dancing 2's | Skip Counting by 2 | Count to 100 | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

Dancing 2's is a fun way for kids to learn to skip count by 2. Children follow me doing different dances as we count to 100 by 2. Every time we hit a place holder of tens we change dances. Children sing-a-long with me as we dance to this fun skip counting song.

Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

#StoryTime4HomeTime with James Mayhew - Katie and the Sunflowers

StoryTime4HomeTime with James Mayhew - Katie and the Sunflowers. James reads his best-selling book about Katie and the Post Impressionist artists Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin. The original book is published by Orchard Books. For more information, visit:

Kids Book Read Aloud : Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs

I started video taping my favourite stories when my granddaughter was born in a country far, far away. I wanted her to learn to recognise my voice. Then I realised that I had my other children around me who could no longer participate in Storytime because of the pandemic.

Katie In London