King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Creating and thinking critically

Children will be learning to: 


  • Take part in simple pretend play. For example, they might use an object like a brush to pretend to brush their hair, or ‘drink’ from a pretend cup.
  • Sort materials. For example, at tidy-up time, children know how to put different construction materials in separate baskets.
  • Review their progress as they try to achieve a goal. Check how well they are doing.
  • Solve real problems: for example, to share nine strawberries between three friends, they might put one in front of each, then a second, and finally a third. Finally, they might check at the end that everyone has the same number of strawberries.
  • Use pretend play to think beyond the ‘here and now’ and to understand another perspective. For example, a child role-playing the billy goats gruff might suggest that “Maybe the troll is lonely and hungry? That’s why he is fierce.”
  • Know more, so feel confident about coming up with their own ideas.
  • Make more links between those ideas.
  • Concentrate on achieving something that’s important to them. They are increasingly able to control their attention and ignore distractions.