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Our Trip to Sherwood Forest!


In October, we visited the home of Robin Hood- Sherwood Forest! We were taken on a tour of the forest by Maid Marian herself, who described just how large the forest was 1000 years ago, and how The Major Oak is now being supported by metal arms because it's branches are so heavy. Here are some photos of such a fabulous day!

Sherwood Forest 2023- Featuring Maid Marian and our Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork

Puppet Making


We had Marcus visit our school and helped us make woodland animal puppets related to our whole school topic 'The Midnight Fair'.


Here are a few examples!




Didn't they do well!

Puppet making with Markus Puppets

History- The Legend of Robin Hood


In History, we are studying the life of a significant, local figure. This is Robin Hood. In one of our lessons we sorted out artefacts into groups: items that would have belonged to Robin Hood and items that are modern. We tried some of these on afterwards!

A few pictures taken from our Robin Hood launch.

Robin Hood Role Play in History