King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


The first few weeks back will be spent focusing heavily on refreshing and strengthening our place value understanding.  Within this unit, we will be reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers and determining the value of each digit.  We will also be working on rounding whole numbers to a required degree of accuracy and using negative numbers in context, including calculating intervals across zero.


This half-term, we will also be exploring ‘The Four Operations’.  This will involve developing our written methods of multiplication and division as well as identifying common factors, multiples and prime numbers and further developing our abilities to perform mental calculations, including those with mixed operations, as well as those which require knowledge of the order of operations.


Later on in the term, we will also be strengthening our understanding of fractions (and particularly our confidence in manipulating them) as well as exploring position and direction, e.g. reflection, translation and reading/plotting co-ordinates.