King Edward Primary School Excitement + Determination = Success

Year 2

Autumn 2

This half term our topic will be...

Out Of This World!

Through our science we will explore the names of different materials and their properties. We will use this knowledge to explain why houses on Earth are built using the materials we use.

Science Vocabulary: Uses of Everyday Materials

plastic    wood      paper     glass     clay     rock   brick    cardboard     fabric

   hard     soft   rough    smooth    shiny    dull    bendy   waterproof   strong    weak    change    bake    bend    stretch    twist    squash    heat/heating   cool/cooling    freeze    melt    boil   bending  stretching   twisting   magnetic   let’s light through    transparent

We will learn about the planets.


We are going to learn to read the time using o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour.


1:00 = 1 o’clock

2: 15 = Quarter past 2

3:30 = Half past 3

4: 45 = Quarter to 5.

AM = morning     PM = afternoon


We will be working on our 2 x table. Please keep practicing your 10 x table. We will also learn about drawing arrays to solve multiplication and we will learn division strategies. You will see more in maths homework which we will be sending home.

In our English we will continue to work on the accurate use on compound sentences, using co-ordinating conjunctions and, but and or. We will also learn about different types of sentences, including questions exclamations and statements. We will make sure we use the correct types of punctuation. We will use books by Oliver Jeffers and a Book called Penguinaut during this unit of work.



ICT: We are going to learn about programming using directions and different turns, including half and quarter turns, clockwise and anticlockwise. We will programme bee-bots and use the technical language including algorithm and de-bugging to correct programming. We will also discuss staying safe on the internet.




We are going to discover what Neil Armstrong achieved.

We will learn why he is so significant in history.



We are going to learn to about the people that help us. We will consider the differing communities that we each belong to and think about who can help us is these different situations such as clubs, home, school, church and other communities in which the children might take part. These will be different for each child.

We will consider special people and what makes them special in our lives.



We are excited to find out about a piece of music by Holst called the Planet Suite.

We will consider how for each planet he uses differing tempo, volume and pitch.

We will respond to this through art and also with movement in P.E.



Reading is very important to us at King Edward Primary school.

We read a class book at the end of every day.

We are enjoying books from the Educational Library  Service. These are always linked to our topic and English work.

We enjoy using our reading corner in our classroom.


We use Inference Skills to help us to become better readers.

Please do write a brief comment and date in your child’s Reading record. Reading miles gained from reading aloud at home really support your child’s progress in reading as a year 2 child is expected to read 90 words a minute. Only practice can help achieve this and the more the better! Also, if your child is on reading word lists, please practice reading these words regularly.


There is a real emphasis on reading this year.  One of the best ways to get better at reading is to practice, practice, practice. For this reason, please read at least four times a week at home. Please write in your child's reading diary if they read with you at home, or they can write in their diary with an adult's signature.


This term we are concentrating on comprehension so please talk about the book or pages they have read.

Children will read four times a week in whole class guided reading. 


Reading Rewards

Everytime your child reads with an adult at home, please fill in the Reading Reward booklet so that your child can be rewarded for their hard work.





We have a daily Phonics session at school. This helps us with our reading and writing.


Please do help your child learn their weekly spellings. This should help to improve spelling within our written work. 



The children have PE on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons so please ensure they have their kits for these sessions.


Class Dojo

Each class in the school is using Class Dojo. This is a fantastic, free resource to use to communicate with your teacher and see your child's rewards for their efforts. If you can, download the free app for your phone. You will see when your child gets a merit (and what it is for), you will see information put on the class story feed (such as reminders or positive messages!) and you will also be able to contact your teacher directly and they can contact you. This is perfect if you were unable to pass on a message at drop off etc. 

Please sign up if you haven't yet and download the app. It's great! 



Homework is handed out on a Friday due for handing in on the following Wednesday. 

Reading comprehension text book

Maths book

SPAG homework - spelling, punctuation and Grammar.

Spelling homework 

Please continue to read with your child at least three times a week. It really does make a lot of difference! 


If you would like any further information or there is something which you would like to discuss please don't hesitate to come and see us.

Thank you, 



Year 2 Autumn 1


We are starting this new academic year with a whole school topic.


It is based on a book called...


The Circus Ship

By Chris Van Dusen




We are going to start our learning with art. We will explore a work of art by Marc Chagall called Circus. We will create our own versions using oil pastels.



In Science, we will find out what it means to be living and what living things do. We will then explore habitats and find out why habitats are suited to some animals and not others.




We will also find out about simple food chains and look at how living things are interdependent.

As part of this we will consider our impact on our local environment.


In geography, we will learn to identify physical and human features of our local environment. We will map these on a map of our school site. We are also going to find out about flags and what the flag for the United Kingdom represents.


In SEAL, we will be setting up a class charter. We will also choose a class representative for the School Council.





Each daily Numeracy lesson will start with our Daily count and Learn-its facts.

The children are enjoying doing the times tables tests, which we will do every Friday morning. The year 2 test is a 5 minute test of the 10, 2 and 5 times tables including multiplying and dividing and missing number sentences such as 35 ÷ __ = 7. I am sure that the children will let you know what they score and how they progress. To support this progress please practice times tables with your child. Quick recall is really important.  

Daily Ten is a really good website to help your child gain fluency with many mathematical facts.


In maths, we are starting the year with place value. We'll use lots of practical maths resources to show the value of 2 digit numbers and compare them. We will then move on to adding and subtracting using a pictorial method of drawing the tens and ones.



In English, we are going to write information texts about the characters in the book that is our whole school topic. We will then go on to write about habitats using co-ordinating conjunctions. We will finish this half term with a story.

We will continue to practice our handwriting so that we all meet the age related expectation. You can see the success criteria for this below.  We will recap the   correct formation of the letters and then ensure that the letters are written in the correct relative size such as  the tall long ladder letters.




The Handwriting Success Criteria.