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Year 2

Spring 2

This half term our topic will be...

Come Fly With Me!

Through our science we will find out how to look after the environment.

Science Vocabulary: Uses of Everyday Materials

environment      reuse     reduce      recycle
     climate    energy     endangered      measure   research   
rainforest     litter    conclusion



We are going to learn about measure. We will start by looking at money, recognising coins and using them to make different amounts. These skills will then be applied into word problems and giving change. We will also be looking at length, mass and volume. We will be using our knowledge of these to apply them into word problems. We will continue learning our number bonds and using these to apply into fact families, eg 3+7=10, 7+3=10, 10-3=7 and 10-7=3.  





We will be working on our 5 x table. Please keep practicing your 10 x table and 2 x table. 

Please use TTRockstars to continue practising your times tables: 


Other useful websites to use for number facts are: (same password as TTRockstars) (same password as Spelling Shed for Maths Shed)

And for general maths learning



In English we will be using the book ‘Mr Majeika’ to base our writing around. We will write a description about a magic carpet ride using prepositions and adverbial phrases to enhance our writing. We will then move onto a diary entry, using our different sentence types. After that we shall write a recount following an event in the book and finally we will be writing an acrostic poem about Mr Majeika.



ICT: We will be learning about using Powerpoint and making a presentation about the Wright brothers.





We are going to learn about the importance of the Wright brothers and how aviation has changed over time.




In PSHE we will be using the book ‘Violet the Pilot’ to identify and respect differences and similarities between people. We will be thinking about advice we could give to Violet in the story.




The children will be taught the directions North, South, East and West and be shown these on a compass. We will then make our very own compass and use this to find North.



We will be learning about the sculptor Alexander Calder, we will be looking at his work and trying to make our own mobile in the style of Calder.



We will be listening to the sounds from an airport and creating a soundscape using instruments to recreate those sounds. We will also be listening to music from around the world and discussing the differing styles.




Reading is very important to us at King Edward Primary school.

We read a class book at the end of every day.

We are enjoying books from the Educational Library  Service. These are always linked to our topic and English work.

We enjoy using our reading corner in our classroom.


We use Inference Skills to help us to become better readers.

Please do write a brief comment and date in your child’s Reading record. Reading miles gained from reading aloud at home really support your child’s progress in reading as a year 2 child is expected to read 90 words a minute. Only practice can help achieve this and the more the better! Also, if your child is on reading word lists, please practice reading these words regularly.


There is a real emphasis on reading this year.  One of the best ways to get better at reading is to practice, practice, practice. For this reason, please read at least four times a week at home. Please write in your child's reading diary if they read with you at home, or they can write in their diary with an adult's signature.


This term we are concentrating on comprehension so please talk about the book or pages they have read.

Children will read four times a week in whole class guided reading. 







We have a daily Phonics session at school. This helps us with our reading and writing.


Please do help your child learn their weekly spellings. This should help to improve spelling within our written work. 


A great online resource to support phonics is


The children all have a log in for Spelling Shed to support their spelling



The children have PE on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons so please ensure they have their kits for these sessions.


Fantastic online resource to use at home: 


Class Dojo

Each class in the school is using Class Dojo. This is a fantastic, free resource to use to communicate with your teacher and see your child's rewards for their efforts. If you can, download the free app for your phone. You will see when your child gets a merit (and what it is for), you will see information put on the class story feed (such as reminders or positive messages!) and you will also be able to contact your teacher directly and they can contact you. This is perfect if you were unable to pass on a message at drop off etc. 

Please sign up if you haven't yet and download the app. It's great! 



Homework is handed out on a Friday due for handing in on the following Wednesday. 

Reading comprehension text book

Maths book

SPAG homework - spelling, punctuation and Grammar.

Spelling homework 

Please continue to read with your child at least three times a week. It really does make a lot of difference! 


If you would like any further information or there is something which you would like to discuss please don't hesitate to come and see us.

Thank you, 




The Handwriting Success Criteria.