King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


In Foundation Stage 2, the children learnt about what online – or when using technology – can make them feel sad, worried, or scared. They also gave examples of when and how to speak to an adult whom the children can trust. Afterwards they shared the ‘Adventures of Smartie the Penguin’ story written by Childnet.

As a class, the children talked about what had happened and thought about what Smartie should do and why:

Should he try to fix the problem himself and get rid of the picture, or should he ask his parents for help?

During circle time, the children discussed who they would go to if they needed help with anything online. 


The story is about seeing upsetting content, unreliable information and being asked for personal information. For example, Smartie had a new tablet for his birthday. He decided to use the internet to find out about whales. He was fascinated by them! But, when Smartie tapped ‘search’ the first picture was scary and he didn’t like it at all.