King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success


At King Edward Primary, we teach Physical Education by meeting the requirements of the national curriculum.  Our aim is to not only develop their physical skills, to enable them to excel in a broad range of activities, but to develop a vital understanding of the importance of health, well-being and fitness, to enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education is taught progressively throughout school, ensuring a build-up of knowledge, skills and health education.

We will achieve high-quality learning by teaching Physical Education through a clear sequence of lessons, of which each follows the following four-part lesson format.


  • Warm up
  • Skill development
  • Skill application/small sided games
  • Cool down

Throughout a sequence of lessons, tactical thinking and teamwork opportunities are explored. Evaluating their own and others performance is also built in within our scheme of work.  Our Physical Education curriculum is enhanced by the wide variety of opportunity for Physical Activity and School Sport we provide, competitively and to develop our personal best.




To achieve this each class takes part in two hours of PE a week, where we use Get Set 4 PE a teaching scheme to assist our staff with their planning and delivery of lessons. We begin our long term plan by focusing on fundamental skills within our Early Years curriculum, and we progressively build on the skills and knowledge taught year after year in the wide range of areas of activity we teach. We ensure children have the opportunities to adopt many different roles such as a performer, coach, umpire and leader during their P.E. lessons. 



We begin teaching swimming in Year 3, and continue in Year 4, where children receive 16 weeks of lessons in each academic year. We believe swimming is a vital life skill and therefore use our Sports Premium Funding, to allow any children that have not met the end of Key Stage criteria by the end of Year 4 to access addition swimming in Year 5 and 6.


Our PE curriculum is enhanced each year through our Sports Premium money which has allowed us to widely enhance the P.E. and sport provision. We provide our children with many opportunities to play sport competitively, through our involvement with our local School Games network, where we access many competitions and festivals for all year groups. We also join the local football leagues, so our children in Year 5 and 6 can compete against our local schools.


In addition, we always have on offer a wide range of sports in our extra-curricular clubs, either ran by school staff or external coaches. We have introduced sports like dancing with 'Dancing Claire', yoga, multi-sports and soon Table Tennis. 

At King Edwards we strongly believe that learning extends well beyond the classroom.  We provide many opportunities for children to undertake a wide range of enrichment activities which support and enhance their learning as well as improving children's overall health and wellbeing. Children are encouraged to develop team/leadership skills to help boost confidence and self esteem. Please take a look at the exciting opportunities on offer and what we have been up to already this year.