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Sports Leaders

At King Edward we have a group of children that show great enthusiasm and dedication in all aspects of sport. Their challenge is to develop sport within our school and inspire as many children as possible to engage in physical activity through fun, friendly and competitive competitions.  Our Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders are an important part of our PE provision, who regularly meet to discuss any ideas regarding physical education. Sports leaders are given opportunities to share their own thoughts and opinions with the group and collectively agree on any decisions that are made.

We recruit new year 5 Sports Leaders by inviting them to attend an interview at the start of each academic year stating why they think they would make an excellent candidate for the job and most importantly, why they want to be one!  Sports Leaders are trained to lead activities and games with younger children and are taught the important qualities that are needed when working with young people. Once they have become qualified, received their certificates and most importantly a T-shirt, Sports Leaders work with Key Stage 1 children during lunchtimes  and play times each week to lead games and ensure playtimes are inclusive for everyone and that no child is left alone with no one to play with. This role develops important values such a patience, friendship, compassion and kindness as well as building their confidence and communication skills throughout the year. They can also help to organise and lead events such as Sports Days, Sport Relief, After School Clubs and give opinions on what they would like our PE and sport provision at King Edward to offer in the future.